Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Husband Ever

AWESOME Story!!!!

Okay - I have been pining over the sewing machine of my dreams for a long while now... I have been trying to save up (or, you know, spend less on other things...) so that I could talk my hubby into getting it. TWICE now, just when I thought we were getting close, I got a toothache. YESTERDAY, I had to go in for my SECOND root canal this year. Bye-bye sewing machine, right?

Well, yesterday my sweet husband saw how discouraged I was about my teeth, and therefore, my sewing machine, and he went on a mission. He knew what I wanted, but didn't know where they sold it. He went to two different quilt shops looking. He didn't find it yesterday.

So today, he came home from work early, and then asked me to get something out of the back of his truck. Guess what I found on the back seat!!!!

That's right - my dream machine!! It's a Janome MC 6600P. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to use it (because this JUST happened!!)

So, I must give a HUGE thank you and I LOVE YOU to the love of my life. My eternal sweetheart, Michael. I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!

Now, let's get sewing!!


tiffany said...

WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!! no more crankies today right? what a wonderfu husband you have

Andrea said...

so jealous, wish we could splurge on that!!

Lenny and Amanda said...

I am SO excited for you!!! Yea!! Have so much fun

Valerie said...

oh that is a wonderful surprise! I love surprised like that from the hubsters, it just makes your day. I don't know anything about your machine, but it does look beautiful. Maybe I will have to have you sew a few more dresses for Addy. I don't have any cute 3-6, 6-9 month ones and I am too impatient for her to grow into the one you already made her ha ha ha. Oh by the way, call me about Mockingjay ;)

Jen said...

Baaaaaah! Congratulations. I love my sewing machine more and more every time I use it, and I'm sure your love for yours will also only grow.

Michelle said...

awesome. :)

I love the looks of the quilt you are working on in the post below.
You are amazing!

Jamie Lee said...

Wow! Those three surprise stories are great!