Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunkissed Daisy Quilt

I got a Sunkissed charm pack for Chirstmas from my sister. I loved the fabric and was excited to make an awesome quilt. But I made some... well, interesting decisions on this quilt, and - for a while - I wasn't sure if I would like the finished product.

At first, I didn't, but I added a few fun little flowers (seriously, Dresdens save everything...) and now, I really like how it turned out. It's very happy, sunny, and very cheery! So here it is - my Sunkissed Daisy Quilt:

I love the orange fabric. Really fun, and happy!

I used a white backgroud with words, and of course, my signature stripe. The back and front really don't... match, exactly, but I really like both the front and the back, so it's okay.
For now, it's going in the shop. But, if it doesn't sell, I do have something in mind for this one. We shall see!


tiffany said...

thats really cute & happy if it doesnt sell my birthday is comeing up soon & i love quilts

Angie said...

So cute! I'm glad you were able to use the fabric.

Jen said...

Super cute. I love the orange lattice, and the dresdens!

Valerie said...

K Linds, I think I am in love with every quilt you make, seriously. Oh and I featured you today over on my blog ;) love ya!