Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

Okay. OKAY!!! I'm sorry I missed last week. I received a shocking amount of flack for it, but I really didn't have anything to show!! :) Turns out, switching banks is a soul crushing amount of work. My sewing time dwindled... :(

But I do have something to show this week!! Here's what I've been up to...

E's King Size

I am now almost half way through my 16 patches, and have come into a really good rhythm here. I think I can get this top all the way put together this week!!!

Skill Builders Sampler

I am so excited that Leila is feeling better and we've picked back up! This week is Wonky Stars, and I have mine cut out and ready to sew together!!


I got this block sent off for March!!

I am still waiting on 2 of my game night blocks, and let me tell you... this quilt is going to be stupendous!!! STAY TUNED!!!

Sewing Lessons

Okay, this has been going on for months now, but let me introduce my sewing student - M.

She is currently making a skirt. She is doing very well and is turning into a real seamstress! I also got her signed up for a 5K... Muahahaha! I just love her...

Well, that's all for now! Happy WIP Wednesday! Be sure to check out all of the WIPs over at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


tiffany said...

cute squares the king size blanket is pretty how fun you have a student how much do you charge?

CityHouseStudio said...

Beautiful bee block!
I'll have to check out Leila's blog again, too!

Pat said...

Love the beejeebers block. Awesome that you have such a dedicated student!

Debbie said...

what an awesome beejeebers block!! And great about your student - I have a couple myself - great to be passing on the skills!!

Nik at boldgoods.com said...

I love the block you posted for WIP Wednesday, that must have taken forever! Great job!

OPQuilt said...

Love that bee block. Do you like being in a bee? I see them all over and think how fun it would be to get quilt blocks in the mail from all over, but then, I feel like my sewing time is so limited as it is, that it might be hard to juggle it all. What do you think?

Fun to have a sewing/running student. And congrats on getting into the zone on your quilt!

Elizabeth E.

Jessica said...

That bee block is just stunning! How fun to have a sewing student :-)

Kelly said...

Love love love the Beejeebers block!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow I LOVE that bee block!!

madfabriholic said...

That bee block is stunning!