Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Welcome to the 2012 Halloween Extravaganza! I have been sewing up a storm the last few days (mostly because I waited until the last possible moment to finish these) and am pleased to show off our really fun costumes! :) I was planning on making Princess Leia, but thank heavens, my neighbor (who I seriously couldn't live without!) had one that fit my daughter perfectly, so we went with that! I will show off the awesome Leia hair that I pulled off!! :)

Sock buns. Who knew? They worked perfectly!

Okay, on to costumes!

First up - C3PO!

I made this with a metallic costume material. It's actually plastic. I hate it. It was awful to work with, and if my son is to be believed, awful to wear. But - it looks just right! lol!

The belt thing was fun. I just sewed circular designs and "wires" onto it. I love how it came out.

We used serious makeup on his face, and it looks great, but just slightly too green... oh well! He looks great!

For mine, I went as "Goldberry", a small character in Lord of the Rings. She didn't make it into the movie (that I can remember), so I was able to create her just the way I wanted. She was the "River's daughter" - a kind of nature goddess. I used a dress pattern that I used a few years ago. It turned out really lovely!

I even made more flower rosettes for my hair! :) Seriously, I will post a tutorial on the rosettes soon! They are so easy and so pretty! :)

Check out my eye makeup! It's probably the best eyeshadow I've ever done. That's really saying something... lol! I have a few more pictures of my dress (some details) on Flickr, so check those out too! :)

 The three of us all decked out! :)

Well, Happy Halloween everyone!! Stay safe!


needle and nest said...

I love all of your costumes! You did a masterful job. Happy Halloween!

Angie said...

You all look great. I love the Goldberry costume!

Jamie Lee said...

Wow you really knocked it out of the park. Your costume is so pretty and your son's is amazing! The details are so awesome.

Larry and Cindy said...

What an awesome threesome!!! You all look so great. I Love All of your costumes!!! Have a fun and safe Halloween. Do you remember being a ghostbuster and Tiff was the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man?

Melinda said...

I love them all! You always do such a great job on clothing items!

Melissa Corry said...

You look amazing!!! What am amazing trio!!!

Katie B. said...

You're incredible, Linz! I can't handle it.

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Awesome costumes! I love your dress. How did you do the buns for Leia?

Michelle Walkenhorst said...

Love the costumes! Especially your dress, the color, the style. I would love to have a dress like this. I would love to make one. But my skills are not up to the task.

Hitch and Thread said...

Ooh intrigue! What are sock buns??? Great dress and C3PO too.

Hitch and Thread said...

Ooh intrigue! What are sock buns??? Great dress and C3PO too.