Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Blessing Dress

I made this blessing dress for my great friend Val's new baby girl. It turned out really, really great! I am so excited with it! And the single most amazing part... I designed the dress myself. That's right - this dress came directly from my brain! I made the pattern all by myself! I did use another pattern to help with the size, but that's all! WOWZA!!

Anyway, this is how those beautiful fabrics came together...

Drum roll, please...

The bodice is hand beaded. I had to do the bodice twice, but I LOVE how it came out!

The sleeves are what I call tulip sleeves. I love them!

And just for fun - a diaper cover. Because, why not??

So there you have it! I'm feelin' pretty awesome right now!! I showed it to Val today and she loves it too! That, of course, is what matters the most!
Yea for sewing!!

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