Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, I finally finished the princess's butterfly quilt! I went back and forth on the quilting and finally decided to splurge on professional quilting. Then I stressed for two weeks that the design was going to be awful. Auri wanted flowers. But, we got it back and it turned out really nice. I finished binding it today and got it hung up on her wall!

Looks cute, doesn't it?! (and do you see those lovely paintings? I did those a few years back? lol! They work really well with the quilt too!!)

And - while we're on butterflies, I finished the second butterfly quilt and got it sent off. The sweet gal that bought it from me was really happy with it (she said she LOVED it!) and her sister (who she gave it to) really loved it too! She said she is going to hang it on her new baby girl's wall. So, Yea! Here are some pictures of the second butterfly quilt.

I have to say that this one (#2) was probably the best quilt I have ever made. It went smoothly and every square looked good! I was really happy with it!

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