Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween. It's my favorite!

So, Halloween is my favorite holiday! Why? Costumes. Candy. Do I really need any other reason? I think not.

So, I didn't get around to making myself an awesome Halloween costume this year (sad face), but I have a fun one planned. It'll rely more on my mad hair and makeup skills (snort), so hopefully it'll work out! I'll post pictures later, but for now I want to take a look back at some of my favorite costumes made by me, for me.

This was two years ago. I was Elizabeth Bennett. You know that's right!

This was last year. I was an elf (think Lord of the Rings, maybe...). I won a costume contest for this (thanks Val!) and won AWESOME monster cocoa mugs. They are my favorite! I even use them during Christmastime. lol!

Here is a few of the little princesses costumes that I have made.

Tinkerbell. It was the first costume I ever made. The tulle was a nightmare, but it turned out cute! The shoes were originally black. Spray paint. Hey, it worked!

My cute little witch! I can't believe I gave that cape to charity this year. What was I thinking?? I'll have to make another one sometime!

So, this year I am only making one costume. For my little man. Story and pictures to come!!


tiffany said...

what fun costumes andrew was so little in that first picture

Valerie said...

So cute and I loved your costume last year...that is why you won though, becuase it was awesome!

Jen said...

I only made one this year, too. For my big man. Maybe I will post it!