Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cherished Memory

So, my uber talented friend Valerie took some amazing family pictures for me (They. Are. AWESOME!!!) Here's a taste...

You can see more of our wonderful photo shoot HERE (Go look! Really! She's amazing!!!)

Anyway, in return, she asked if I could recreate a very special quilt for her.

This was her own baby blanket that her mother made for her before she was born.

A darling Mother Goose quilt! As you can see, it was very well loved.

Valerie really wanted to have one like it for her own daughter (who may well be the cutest baby on the planet... just saying), but she and her mom couldn't find the pattern anywhere, and because her mom in now legally blind, she couldn't make up a new pattern herself.

So, Val asked if I thought I could do it. And, naturally, I said "Sure!"

I came up with the pattern simply by tracing the appliques, although I did round out some of the curves until they looked right to me. I had to seriously think this one through to get everything right - and I am SO pleased with the end result. So, here is the newly recreated Mother Goose Quilt:

Valerie choose these beautiful fabrics, and they look so awesome together!! She has such a great eye!

Yes, Mother Goose's wing is attached to the front and can flap. It's awesome!

The back... I had to do another stripe! lol!

And I had to throw in this little guy on the back! He's cute! :)

I have to say, that I may be most proud of this quilt. It was an honor to make this very special quilt, and I hope that in 30 years, it looks just as loved as her moms! Hope you love it Val and Addy!!!


Valerie said...

Linds seriously, it brings tears to my eyes, it is that special to me. Thank you so much!

Stacie said...

This quilt is BEYOND precious! Oh, Lindsay, you truly have a talent!

Michelle said...

Amazing!! I'm teary myself. :) What an incredible job you did, Linz. That will certainly be cherished for years to come.

Oh - and your family pics are absolutely gorgeous!!

Larry and Cindy said...

I am seriously impressed and the quilt is so adorable! You amaze me. Remind me to show you the quilt Grandma Stone me for me when we got married. You are awesome. Love Ya, MOM

Jen said...

So awesome! I just love a quilt with a great story behind it. Great job!