Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Quilt #2

I have finished my second Christmas quilt, and it looks really fun!

However, this quilt shall be named "Murphy". Because everything that can go wrong did.

It all started way back in July when I first bought the fabric. Hubby was away at Scout Camp, so I was up late cutting the darling Christmas fabric for this quilt. While I was doing this - I cut my thumb nail off. OFF. It was gross. I should have seen it as an omen, but I laughed at myself, and moved on.

I put the cut fabric away, until a few weeks ago when I pulled it out to work on it again. Here's everything that went down...

I sewed several squares wrong, and had to unpick and redo them.

As I sewed the blocks together, I sewed them in the wrong order (on EVERY ROW), had to unpick and redo.

When I sewed the rows together, I managed to sew them in the wrong order. Had to unpick and redo.

While I was quilting, I ran out of thread (that has NEVER happened to me before!) It happened to be on a Sunday, so I couldn't run off to the store to buy more and had to wait. Grrr.

As I quilted I found a spot where I had missed the fabric on a seam. GRRRR. No good way to fix it at that point.

Twice, my tension went all crazy and I had to unpick, fix the machine, and redo. I was ready to rip the quilt up for a while there...

BUT, even with all of that, the quilt turned out cute! I quilted with orange thread and I have to admit... I love it! It's fun!! I also LOVE the backing fabric of this quilt!! So fun! Because of all of the mistakes, I have decided that I am going to keep it, as there is no way I could sell and feel good about it. So, it will adorn my couch for the holidays! Yea!

So.... Yea for Christmas quilts, even if they give you a hard time!


Angie said...

So cute. I love that back fabric too. I would buy it from you, mistakes and all... Can I? Please?

Jen said...

I'm glad it came out so well. That Asian Lily required an obscene amount of picking things out, too, (sewing the same thing wrong EIGHT times in a row!) and it still had an annoying flaw when I was done. Lovely front, and you always have such cute backings.

Larry and Cindy said...

Cute quilt Linz!!! I couldn't see any mistakes. I have had my share of experiences like that in my sewing as well. It is frustrating!!!

Valerie said...

Linds way to go, I love it so much, you really are amazingly talented!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! So so so beautiful. I just wrote a post on my mommy blog about a Christmas quilt and am dying to use a pic of this one (and give you credit and link back to you of course). Can I pleeeease? If you want me to take it down let me know and I will try to find something else or shoot one of my little boy's quilt (but it is REALLY not as cool as yours!!!) My email is