Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photographing a Quilt, a tip!

One problem that all quilters seem to face is photographing a quilt, really - of any size. I have a system that really works well for me, so I want to share it!

It starts with an outside wall. Preferably, a wall with Northern exposure, so you always have shade for the best lighting (my available wall has Western exposure, so I have to take the pictures in the morning or on cloudy days. Kind of a drag, but we do what we can...)

Anyway, start by using these screw in hooks:

You can get them for very little at Home Depot or the like. I spaced mine about 90 inches apart, which works for most of my quilts. And,they are so small, that they aren't an eye sore when you aren't using them.

Then, get some thin rope. On one side, tie a square knot.

On the other end, tie a Trucker's Hitch (don't know how? Neither do I. My Eagle Scout hubby tied mine for me, but there are some instructions HERE.) This knot is awesome, because you can start with it totally slacked, then slide it tight, then loosen it up when you are done. You never, ever have to untie it. It's great!!!

Hook it onto your second hook while loose.

Then slide it until the rope is tight.

Then you have a nice cloths line type set up, and can hang that quilt for well lit, even pictures! Just use cloths pins!

So, there's my tip for the day! Happy sewing!


Melinda said...

Great tip Lindsey! Makes me wish I had a wall! I usually use my neighbor's fence but I haven't figured out the best lighting yet.

tiffany said...

great tip thanks for sharing

Kathy said...

Thanks, Lindsey. I really stink at the photo part of quilting. The Northern exposure lighting is way worth the try. Love the knot ideas from your hubby as well.

M-R said...

Love that tip! Thanks!

Becky said...

I had something similar to this at my old house. Now I'm struggling because I have brick walls! I gotta convince hubby to screw in some nails in the brick - lol!!

Jen said...

awesome tip!

Svetlana said...

What a great idea, thanks.