Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WiP Wedensday

Wednesday arrives again! Here a look into the in-progress drawer! I've got a lot!!!

Princess has finished her 3rd block...

She is doing great! And, isn't she the cutest thing ever? :)

As for me, I am in Quilt-a-long Heaven!! :)

Skill Builders Sampler:

This week we did pinwheels!

I love pinwheels! And these are so cute! I finally found a decent pink/red to add to the color scheme to get the colors moving! I look forward to the next block! Here are my four completed!

Love em!

Summer Sampler Quilt a long:

Since last week, we've done Greek Cross, Mosaic Block, and Flower Garden Path. Here are my four completed ones:

Love. Love. Love. With my SBS blocks in a much more subdued color scheme, I wanted this to be bright and colorful. Done. And I couldn't be happier with the blocks so far! Although, the last one had about a zillion half square triangles. And that was following a zillion HSTs in the pinwheel block. Ugh. While I am happy to get better at them... please!!! NO MORE!! lol! Okay, I know there will be more, but yikes. ;)


The top is done! I added a border and really really love how this top has come out!!!

Queen Frolic:

Question: Am I the only one who gets to the point where the only thing left on the top is the borders, and then spend all my time avoiding the borders like the plague? So a job that should only take about 30 minutes ends up taking 5 days? Do you do that too? I hope so... anyway, I finally got the borders on (today). I went with plain white borders and I think I like it. It almost feels like you're looking out of a big window.

I have a sheet for backing and should finish it up this weekend! Yea!

Halloween quilt: oops. I'll start that this week...

Well, that's all! Be sure to check out all of the wonderful WiP's at Freshly Pieced!

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Jen said...

Yes, she is the cutest thing ever.

Love the summer colors.

The bottleneck of quilting for me is quilting. I will get a stack of tops done, and run out of things to do, and then finally quilt them all because I dread the basting stage. I think I just have to get over a mental block.

Julie said...

I flake on the borders every.single.time. That's all my kaleidoscope and my Ogee quilt along tops are waiting on. I hate adding borders! Your kaleidoscope looks really nice with one though and it makes me feel better about my choice of using a solid for a border for mine. Great work as always! :)

tiffany said...

i love the kaleidoscope blanket and the orange and ellow square pic above kaleidoscope pic its so pretty

princess is just faboulous in every way shape and form love her to death her blocks are amazing

Lee said...

Hee, I actually feel the exact same way about HSTs right now. But, um, there will be some in my next Summer Sampler block. Sorry. : ) Not that many, I promise!

Love all your QA progress! Thanks (in advance) for linking up with WIP Wednesday!

Elizabeth D. said...

I love how your Kaleidoscope top turned out!! So cute! The border is perfect :) And your Summer Sampler blocks definitely look very fun and bright!

CityHouseStudio said...

Your Summer Sampler blocks are awesome! You did such a nice job with the bright colors -love it! And I do the same thing with borders . . . at least 5 days, maybe more!

Melinda said...

Well, I'm glad I don't have my X quilt pattern ready to be tested because you would really be screaming from all the HST's! I understand completely! I love all of your pieces! Your daughter's blocks are coming along so well! And Kaleidoscope is so mellow and calming! Great job, my friend! Do I avoid borders? MWHAHAHAHAHA! Uh, yeah, that's why I STILL haven't finished my charm pack quilt!

Katie B. said...

Where to start?? Love your kaleidoscope top! The borders really do frame it nicely. All of your sampler blocks are shaping up nicely. Princess? Cutest thing ever! That block is as big as she is!

Becky said...

aww, I love that your daughter is making that quilt! She's too adorable!

Your Kaleidoscope is fantastic, i'm a sucker for pink and green.

And yes, I avoid borders too. I hate them! Of course I do the same thing with backing and quilting. Definitely not my favorite stages. Your quilt came out beautifully though and it does look like a big window!

Mitzi said...

Your pinwheels are great - so happy looking. Great colors in your Summer Sampler, love the mix of solids with some prints. Great job on everything!

A Seam to Sew said...

I love your summer sampler and kaleidoscope quilt!

A Home In The Highlands said...

Every time I see one of those summer sampler quilt along blocks I want to make them, just trying to decide if it's too late to join in...

Letterpress said...

Your kaleidoscope quilt is just beautiful. I love the colors you've got going there. I finally subscribed to your blog so I can keep up with you on your quilting.

Ditto on your other blocks--your colors are so "eye-pleasing" that I can tell your finished quilt will really harmonize.

So glad you included the shot of your daughter making her Rainbows quilt. So many good things contained in that little photo of a happy and proud girl. Thanks for sharing it!

Elizabeth E.

kristastitched said...

just love love love that kaleidoscope. nice border. i like how it "finishes" it :D