Thursday, July 26, 2012

Utility Bags

I made 10 utility bags for my husband to store and carry climbing gear in for a youth encampment that he is leading in a few weeks. I came up with the design myself, and in a moment of weakness, decided to add a zippered pocket to all of them. It tripled the amount of time it took to make them, but hey - they will thank me later... ;)

So here they are (forgive the awful pictures. I'll get great ones when I make the tutorial soon!)

This bag is SO easy to make! Simple drawstring backpack!!

I laced the cords through grommets and knotted them off. That way, they can be easily converted to a drawstring bag. And the grommets provide a drainage if the boys have to wade through water in the canyons!

Zippered pockets! I will admit, I didn't do them perfectly. But they are functional!

All in all a great bag that is quick and easy!! Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on these!! :)


Katie B. said...

They'll love these! And it cracks me up that your moment of weakness involved a zipper. :)

tiffany said...

very nice i want one with no pocket