Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have heard a few of my quilter friends say that doing the binding is their least favorite part of quilting. I understand - it can get a little tedious. But, for me - it's one of my favorite parts. This is when I get a little snuggle time with every quilt I make. I spread the quilt over me and bind away.

Sorry this picture is fuzzy. My 6 year old took it. And yes... that IS a Perry the Platypus t-shirt. ;)

Stay tuned for the finished picture of that beautiful quilt I'm binding there!


Jen said...

I second that emotion. I just finished the baby boy quilt this weekend, and I like the last cuddle with the quilt before completion. One of my friends says she heard it was a tradition to take a nap under your quilt to complete it, so I do that, too, on ones for my family or kids.

Valerie said...

I love seeing all your quilts,Love the shirt btw