Friday, January 21, 2011


YEA! I have been waiting rather impatiently to post these pictures, because this quilt turned out SO cute!!

My awesome friend Amber, of Sweet Life Designs, asked me to make her a quilt out of the adorable line named Giddy! (Amber and I used to be cheerleaders together in high school. I know - Awesome, right? *wink*)

Anyway, I am totally in love with this quilt! And so is she! Yea! So, here it is - Giddy, for Amber!

Thank you, Amber for commissioning this darling quilt!!
Also, I have (finally) set up an email for Linz Sews! So, if you have a question, or want information on getting a quilt made, email me at!!


Stitch said...

This is delightful. I just got quilt referral order through facebook, of all places. It's all minky, front and back, so I'm a little nervous. If you have tips, do share.

Jackie said...

So adorable! I'll have to place an order with you once I pick the colors for my new living room. Your work is awesome.

Raechel said...

Thank you for posting this Giddy quilt, I bought a jelly roll of it to do a similar framed squares quilt and was a little bummed there was not more contrast in the different fabrics. But I can see the contrast here! I was ready to scrap my plans and try a different pattern, but I think I'll stick with the original. Thanks for giving me a visual!

Raechel said...

I had bought a Giddy jelly roll for a similar framed squares quilt, but was bummed that there was not more contrast in the fabrics. Thanks for giving me a visual! I'll just have to pay close attention how I pair them up!