Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy Superhero Cape Tutorial!

My husband came up with this idea - and it is so fun, silly, and SUPER easy, that I decided to do a quick tutorial!!

Superhero Capes from Daddy's old shirts!

Start with an old dress shirt. If your hubby's like mine - you go through them pretty quickly... Cut the arms off.

Turn shirt inside out, and sew up the arm holes. I zig-zaged them!

Then, trim off any extra at seams (I used pinking shears).


Now, my little one is only 3, so the shirt was WAY too long, so I trimmed a zig-zag design off the bottom using pinking shears (because I am way too lazy to hem this sort of thing... ;))

That's it! EASY!! Now on to Superhero fun!! (Or, in my daughter's case, this is now her invisibility cloak. Guess what we're reading right now...)

Quick and easy - and a fun way to recycle those old shirts! :) Enjoy!

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