Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Moment #1

I just stopped by Describe Happy and was inspired by Christie's post. A single picture that captures a happy moment from the week. I love it. And I'm totally doing this! Mine has nothing to do with sewing, but a moment spent with my sweet kids yesterday at our grand ladybug launch. I took this picture!! :)

It was a happy moment!! If you feel inspired, please share your happy moment too! :)


tiffany said...

aww i love ladybugs & your happy moment i will share too i just need to find a picture from this week

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yippie!! I am so glad you joined in! And thanks for leaving a link so I could see your adorable lady bug shot! Just loving spring!

Angie said...

Great happy moment. You know my happy moment today! =)