Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beejeebers September Block

I finally feel like I am getting caught up!!! Yea!!

Today I made our September block for the Beejeebers Quilt Bee. It was SUCH a fun block to make! I love everything about it!!

So fun, isn't it?! The tutorial for the block can be found HERE.

So, I missed the WIP Wednesday post yesterday, so I thought that I would take a minute to at least list my current WIPs to help me continue to get caught up with everything...

In order of importance (or, at least the order in which I am going to do them, lol!)

1 - Repair Bottled Rainbow.

Sadly, my BR has seen better days. It is amazing how fast a quilt can get beat up when it is used every single day. A few of the pieces are in need of restitching, and a few places on the binding need some repair. It really shouldn't take too long. I hope not, because I miss snuggling with it every night!

2 - Halloween Costumes - it's that time of year again! My kids are completely into Star Wars this year, so watch for C3PO and Princess Leia costumes soon! I still don't know what I am going to be...

3 - M's Quilt. This is a super secret project that I am SOOOOO excited about! More to come! This quilt shouldn't take too long to finish! :)

4 - Skill Builder Sampler

I need to cut the sashing (still) and sew the top together. It has been waiting for weeks now. Sad. Soon, though!!

5 - Apron - my little man's old apron is way to small, so I will be making him a new one. In Star Wars fabric, naturally!

6 - Game Night Quilt - waiting to be basted and quilted!

7 - Dress #1 - Navy blue/lace. I am super excited for this dress. The pattern is awesome and I LOVE the fabric I got for it! Can't wait to start!

8 - Dress #2 - Grey/black. I bought the pattern for this one about 3 years ago. I have all the fabric. It's been waiting a long time. I suppose it can wait a little longer...

So that's what's on tap for the next... little while. Or long while. We'll see... :)


Jamie Lee said...

Interesting list! The game night quilt looks really good. I thought my girls would be Luke and Leia, but one is going to be a witch and the other a goth fairy. She is only six but for some reason she is attracted to gothic stuff. I won some Tula Pink Nightshade and she was practically salivating when she saw it. I'd be interested in the making of your costumes because I was pondering it myself.

Melissa Corry said...

Cant wait to see more on your secret project :) So exciting!! Love all of your projects :)

Katie B. said...

Your projects always blow me away! Love that star block.