Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilt-a-Long, all finished up!

I finished the quilt a long quilt!! I am pleased with how it came out! It's a very cute quilt! And the best part: I was able to use fabric from my stash for the front AND the back! Yipee! I love that!

I did simple quilting, to keep the back flannel really soft! I love how it came out!
I really enjoyed doing this! I think I will find another one to do sometime, and maybe host one myself someday! :) This pattern is AWESOME and I am definitely doing it again! I have some ideas... ;)


tiffany said...

this is very cute

Jen said...

It looks so puffy! I like it. Great job as always!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I really do adore your quilt! And the back is flannel? That ups the ante on how much I like it!! Flannel is so much fun to snuggle up in! Special kudos that you were able to make it totally from your stash! I had fun watching yours come together! Can't wait to see your Supernova quilt!