Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, I was trying to get a handle on my WIPs, and - as is popular - I am going to share what I'm working on with you!

First - The Supernova Quilt-a-Long!! I have some great fabric in my stash, but I do need a few more prints. But, I think I am going to stay in the Greys, blues, and greens. I think that will be nice. What do you think?

Second - my leftovers from the Happy Quilting Quilt-a-Long. I had a lot of little HSTs. I also had half of the fat quarter bundle left over and cut into squares, so I am going to make HSTs out of them and make a zig-zag quilt, like this! CUTE!!!!!

Third - I got this jelly roll a while ago and made it into my favorite jelly roll squares some time ago. Now I am making them into these fun squares!! This one keeps getting pushed back, but I will work on it little by little and hopefully get it done sometime soon! I love the prints and know this will turn into a favorite!

Last - I have a major quilt project going on, but it is a present and must be kept secret. Know that it is coming together - is all black and grey, and is killing me. I must get it done by May, and I am praying that I can!! Sorry to not show anything, but you'll see it soon enough!! :)

So those are my current quilts. My non-quilting WIPs are:

Diaper Covers, for the ever talented Valerie Hart Photography (She's offering an awesome spring mini session right now! Check it out!)
A flower purse for my sister
Appliqued onsies, for my cousin's new twins
A dress for the Princess's Build-a-bear.

Phew - I think that's probably enough for now, right?! lol!


tiffany said...

the quilts are beuatiful

take your time with the purse there is absolutly no rush to get it to me please dont make it a priority i actually had forgotten about it

Angie said...

You've begun speaking a foreign tongue. HSTs? Jelly rolls? (I could go for a jelly roll right about now.) Just kidding. Good luck with all the projects!

Kimberly White said...

Cool zig zag quilt! And I like your idea for colors on your supernova quilt! Happy WIP wednesday!

Marci Girl said...

I have been debating about the SuperNova Quilt-Along because I struggle so much to pick out fabrics! Yours look great!

Dee said...

Blues, greys and greens can never go wrong. This quilt will be fabulous!