Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

So here are the current WIPs -

Supernova! Cut and ready to go!

Well, I still have to cut the white fabric... I'll get to that soon... But I am LOVING the color pallet! Yea!

I finished my second Bottled Rainbow Block!! I went with Yellow this week!

It's very happy! Here it is with the Tangerine block!

I am very much enjoying this Ticker Tape method!!

I haven't done much else! I took a photography class this weekend and have been having a blast taking pictures and editing! It's way hard, but fun! Here is a picture of the little man that I took:

Before editing

After editing

That's right. I edited frosting off from his face!! Fun, yes? Photoshop rocks. Okay - back to sewing... :)

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Becky said...

Love your supernova colors. The more I see others, the more I question my own picks! haha! Your ticker tape blocks are great and so sunny! Great job with the photoshop edits. I love ps too, but find it hard to retain all the stuff I've learned. I'm constantly looking up how to do stuff I've done in the past.

CityHouseStudio said...

Ooooo, such pretty bottled rainbow blocks!!!
That tangerine color is so delicious!

Samelia's Mum said...

Love photoshop - just wish I knew how to use it. Maybe I should take a class too :-)

Elizabeth D. said...

Wow, sounds like a fun class - I'm impressed with your Photoshopping!! Your Supernova cuts look great, I know I can't wait to start sewing. I love your Bottled Rainbow blocks so far, they look great!

Bree said...

Your Bottled Rainbow blocks look great & I'm loving your colors for the Supernova quilt!

Valerie said...

Loving the quilts and great job on the picture, the editing looks really good Linds :)

tiffany said...

i loooove the yellow i havd always said yellow is the happiest color on earth with out fail it always makes me smile

Dee said...

Oh, I just love the yellow quilt! It's my favorite color and it's so happy!

Lee said...

Nice job on the photo editing - Photoshop skills sure do come in handy, mark my words! : ) Can't wait to see your Supernova blocks. Thanks for linking up, have a productive week!