Saturday, May 12, 2012


I ended up making a few pillows in the last few days - one for my hubby as an anniversary gift (11 years today!!), and one for my little man's 5th birthday!!

Here's the one for my Hubby:

The words are from the song we danced to at our wedding! (awwwww!) It was fun to make and turned out great!

The next one is for the little (soon to be 5 year old). A few months ago, Elizabeth, of Don't Call me Betsy fame, was kind enough to send me some leftover Superhero fabric. I have been trying and trying to come up with something to make out of it for the little man, until a few days ago when it hit me:

Sprocket Pillow. It was perfect!

I love how it came out and can't wait to give it to him!! The tutorial for the Sprocket Pillow can be found HERE! A HUGE Thank You to Elizabeth for the extra fabric!!

I just love making pillows! :)


Melinda said...

How cute! I am loving the sprocket pillow! I have got to go check out the tute on that one. Your hubby's pillow is great too. Did you iron on the words or stitch them?

Katie B. said...

So sweet! I've been wanting to make the sprocket pillow forever. Yours looks great!

Michelle said...

Awesome! Happy Anniversary!

tiffany said...

super cute i love them and i have always LOVED LOVED LOVED pillows hint hint well i want to be blunt please make me a pillow i would love it and keep it forever