Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

I almost forgot it was Wednesday (again...) lol!

I haven't done much, but here's what I have done this week...


I made 2 pillows this week!

Skill Builders Sampler

Here are my 2 most recent blocks -

#31 - Cactus Flower


#32 - Hexagon Flower

I will admit - this one was the one I was MOST nervous about. The whole idea of English Paper Piecing was intimidating. Bit, I am glad I tried it! It's very relaxing, you can take it anywhere, and it looks awesome done! Well, not my leaves so much... but with practice, that will get better! :)

New Wedding Quilt!
My neighbor, Shelly, and I are going to be making a quilt for a mutual friend's wedding! We are going fabric shopping on Friday! Yea!!
E's King Size

Don't judge. It's still sitting here, waiting to be bound. THIS WEEK!!

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Melissa Corry said...

The hexagon flower looks awesome!! Love it!!

heather said...

Love the hexagon flower.

tiffany said...

i agree with melissa and heather i love the hexagon flower it is amazing it has made my day

Katie B. said...

I won't judge! Binding a king-size quilt will take forever! I love the hexagon flower too.

OPQuilt said...

It's always fun to see our progress and our projects all arrayed like you've done today. Congrats on the cute hexie flower--it IS addicting, isn't it?

I'll be waving as we drive by on Friday--heading to Zion's for the weekend. I don't know if I'll take any hand projects as you know--the red dirt and all is not something I want to carry back home on my hexies!