Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wait... it's Thursday?

So I somehow missed Wednesday. Whoops!! But I do want to post my projects so here goes... WIP Wednesday - Thursday Edition! :)

Cowboy Wedding Skirt

Done! Delivered! I am pleased with how it came out! The photo shoot is on Sunday. I will post a link when the pictures go up on the wedding blog!! :) For now, here are my own - pretty lame - pictures!

Skill Builders

Block #31 - Cactus Flower, skill - Y seams

After my last quilt, I think I have Y seams down okay. But, I think I like to work with larger diamonds! :)

Way cute block, though!! So I am still caught up!!


May block - for Karen

So cute. This was one of the Skill Builders tutorials, and I am so glad to have done it again! I think it turned out way cute! And, it's in the mail already!!

E's King Size

Still waiting patiently to be bound. :/

So there I am for this week!!! Happy Thursday! :)


Jamie Lee said...

The skirt looks amazing! I still need to do my bee block. Maybe tonight.

Katie B. said...

The skirt is incredible!

Aurelie said...

If your quilting group ever has an opening, please consider me. I will do my best and make cookies for all those that need some extra convincing.
Skirt is amazing. What is the material? I can't wait to see model and photographers pictures.
Also, love the cactus. I want to do that skill builder series but I need to do something in real time to keep me honest. This is why I need to be considered for an hypothetical opening in your quilt group.

Leanne said...

Lovely blocks and the skirt is wonderful!

tiffany said...

very pretty skirt if i ever become famous or date or marry a famous guy & get to walk the red carpet you are so going to make my dress so i can say im wearing lindsay dunn google her and i love the blocks too

A.J. Dub. said...

That skirt is gorgeous!! Excellent work! I love your cactus flower colors.

The Thompsons said...

Love the skirt- it turned out beautifully! Your Skill Builder also looks great - I still need to do mine. :)

Melinda said...

That skirt is gorgeous!