Saturday, July 31, 2010


I almost have a new - and awesome - quilt all the way finished. But... after I quilted it, I was SO unhappy with a few of the rows (how it looked on the back) that I wanted to weep every time I looked at it.


Here I am unpicking a few seams. Sometimes, it feels like you unsew as much as you sew. It'll be done soon, though!! Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I finished not one but TWO quilts out of that adorable Wheels fabric. But today, I will debut the first - a quilt I have named Cruisin'.

I love this design, with the dramatic white background and the cute little car appliques! For this one I used the polyester batting which is very fluffy - so this is a thick and fluffy baby boy quilt! Very comfy!!

The backing fabric is a cute road design, that makes the back as cute as the front!

I am proud to announce that this one is in the shop! My first listing! =D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

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I've been working

With a little help for my good friend, Pepsi...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sneak Peek...

I have an obsession with little boy quilts. There just never seem to be enough GOOD little boy fabric and quilts. So, my next project uses this adorable line - Wheels by Riley Blake...

Stay tuned for the finished projects! These will likely be the first in the Shop!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Hexagon Quilt

I can hardly believe that I made this! And - hip hip hooray - it's done!!!!! Check her out -

Awesome, yes?!?

Little dresses

Here's a little dress I made for my best friend's new baby girl! I just love this pattern!!

So much that I had to do another!

I couldn't help myself. I just love this pattern too much! Too. Cute!


So, I finally finished the princess's butterfly quilt! I went back and forth on the quilting and finally decided to splurge on professional quilting. Then I stressed for two weeks that the design was going to be awful. Auri wanted flowers. But, we got it back and it turned out really nice. I finished binding it today and got it hung up on her wall!

Looks cute, doesn't it?! (and do you see those lovely paintings? I did those a few years back? lol! They work really well with the quilt too!!)

And - while we're on butterflies, I finished the second butterfly quilt and got it sent off. The sweet gal that bought it from me was really happy with it (she said she LOVED it!) and her sister (who she gave it to) really loved it too! She said she is going to hang it on her new baby girl's wall. So, Yea! Here are some pictures of the second butterfly quilt.

I have to say that this one (#2) was probably the best quilt I have ever made. It went smoothly and every square looked good! I was really happy with it!

Two more...

I have finished two more quilts!! These ones were pretty easy (even though the first one looks hard) and they came together very fast!

Isn't this one DARLING!?! I love it! It's going to my cousin for his new baby girl!

I absolutely love the fabric on the back!

This one was very fast. I did normal squares, but quilted on the diagonal, which was easy and adds a lot visually. This one is going to the princess's teacher for her baby boy that is due in a few months!

My First Fancy Quilt

This is my first "Fancy" pieced quilt! I am very pleased with how it came out! And I am so happy that it will help in a good cause! This quilt was donated to a fundraiser for a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I love the pattern! Finished size is 44" x 55".

The Blessing Dress

I made this blessing dress for my great friend Val's new baby girl. It turned out really, really great! I am so excited with it! And the single most amazing part... I designed the dress myself. That's right - this dress came directly from my brain! I made the pattern all by myself! I did use another pattern to help with the size, but that's all! WOWZA!!

Anyway, this is how those beautiful fabrics came together...

Drum roll, please...

The bodice is hand beaded. I had to do the bodice twice, but I LOVE how it came out!

The sleeves are what I call tulip sleeves. I love them!

And just for fun - a diaper cover. Because, why not??

So there you have it! I'm feelin' pretty awesome right now!! I showed it to Val today and she loves it too! That, of course, is what matters the most!
Yea for sewing!!

Ball Gown for a Princess

When it came time to make and Easter dress, I realized that I already had this pattern, so I took my princess to the fabric store to pick out fabric. She chose a purple and gold Brocade. Very fancy! I am SO please with the final product!! It is beautiful. For the first time in my sewing career, I experimented with sizing (I cut out a size 4 for the top and a 6 for the skirt) and TADA - it actually fits her perfectly!! Yea! So here it is...

Here she is dancing with the Prince. She feels fancy.

About me

My name is Lindsay!

I taught myself how to sew back in 2004, right after my first baby, a girl, was born. The first dress I made, looking back, was so simple that it's almost laughable. But it was a great place to start!

As I got better, I started quilting - starting with veeeery basic quilts (you know - two piece of fabric, tried with yarn!), then to simple piece work. In early 2010, I started more complicated piece quilting and was immediately hooked!

In addition to quilting, I also love making dresses - especially frilly princess ones... for my little princess, and elaborate Halloween costumes - for myself (lol!).

I am a happily married, stay at home mom with two children - one girl, one boy - ages 7 and 4. I am a marathon runner and a triathlete! We love to hike, rock climb, bike, read, and just have fun! We live in a small town in Southern Utah.

Here we go!

I've taken the plunge! Welcome to my very own, brand new sewing blog! Stay tuned for my many creations!

Happy Sewing!