Wednesday, July 21, 2010

About me

My name is Lindsay!

I taught myself how to sew back in 2004, right after my first baby, a girl, was born. The first dress I made, looking back, was so simple that it's almost laughable. But it was a great place to start!

As I got better, I started quilting - starting with veeeery basic quilts (you know - two piece of fabric, tried with yarn!), then to simple piece work. In early 2010, I started more complicated piece quilting and was immediately hooked!

In addition to quilting, I also love making dresses - especially frilly princess ones... for my little princess, and elaborate Halloween costumes - for myself (lol!).

I am a happily married, stay at home mom with two children - one girl, one boy - ages 7 and 4. I am a marathon runner and a triathlete! We love to hike, rock climb, bike, read, and just have fun! We live in a small town in Southern Utah.