Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilt-a-Long Steps 2 & 3

So I have completed two more steps in the Quilt-a-Long!

Here's step 2:

Disappearing 16 patches! It turned out cute!

And step 3:

The sashing/corners. I am thrilled to death with the green I picked for the sashing! It really looks great with the fabrics!

I can't wait to put it all together!

This has been a fun experience and a great pattern!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunkissed Daisy Quilt

I got a Sunkissed charm pack for Chirstmas from my sister. I loved the fabric and was excited to make an awesome quilt. But I made some... well, interesting decisions on this quilt, and - for a while - I wasn't sure if I would like the finished product.

At first, I didn't, but I added a few fun little flowers (seriously, Dresdens save everything...) and now, I really like how it turned out. It's very happy, sunny, and very cheery! So here it is - my Sunkissed Daisy Quilt:

I love the orange fabric. Really fun, and happy!

I used a white backgroud with words, and of course, my signature stripe. The back and front really don't... match, exactly, but I really like both the front and the back, so it's okay.
For now, it's going in the shop. But, if it doesn't sell, I do have something in mind for this one. We shall see!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been working on a very sunny and happy quilt! I am working on quilting it now, but - just for fun, here's a sneak peek!!

I can't wait to show you the whole quilt!! It is so happy!! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quilt-A-Long step 1

Soooooo - I laid out all of my squares for step one of the Quilt along. As I mentioned, I was using scraps.

They looked terrible. Seriously.

So, I went to my drawer and looked through until I found a fat quarter bundle near the bottom. I had a bundle in boy and girl colors. I had forgotten about them. Now, I am doing the quilt with the boy bundle. Well - half of the boy bundle. Here's the first step!

Three 16-patches. Not what I expected, but I am glad it was easy! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I decided to participate in THIS quilt-a-long. Using scraps.

This should be a very... um... interesting looking quilt. haha. We'll see...

Oh, and just for fun, I did THIS tutorial over at Stitch Hack and made these little monsters for the kids.

They love them. They made me laugh. Perfect project! Thanks Jen!

Monday, February 14, 2011

They liked them...

The kids loved the sweatshirts for Valentine's Day. It was cute to see their reaction. And hubby loved his gift too. Now, don't laugh too hard - I made it in just a few hours and didn't measure. For the size, I laid out a pair of his jeans and a t-shirt and used that as a guide. lol. But he likes it. Especially what the kids added to it...

Yes, the apron is made from his old jeans. Hey - it's all about recycling, right? ;)

Happy Valentines' Day!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why not?

Moda Bake Shop is have a monthly contest. I decided to enter!! Because... why not? It's fun! This is my entry for the March contest. The category is charm packs.

This is the Pinwheel Baby Quilt tutorial. I have been wanting do this tutorial for a while anyway, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The quilt was quick - only two days start to finish! I used the Fandango charm pack that Santa left in my stocking. I really love this line. The colors are so pretty. I loved how this quilt turned out so much that I decided to hang it up on the wall in my sewing room. It's right behind my computer, so I am looking at it as I type. I love it!!
So - wish me luck I guess. I know my chances of winning are slim, but hey - you never know until you try!! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


First - I kept the Giddy chain quilt in my sewing room for a few days. Then I took it downstairs and snuggled up with it. Oh, yeah. It's mine. :)

I finally got around to doing a Valentine's present for the little man. I loved how the Princess's turned out, and I thought it would be fun to make a sweatshirt for him. He is obsessed with Dragons, so that seemed to be the obvious choice. Here it is...

Now, doing applique on quilts is challenging, but fun. Doing an applique of a dragon with this many points on a quilt would be hard.

Doing an applique of a dragon with this many points on a child's size sweatshirt?

Not advisable.

But it turned out cute! LOL!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Waste not, want not...

This is what happens when you have leftovers in AWESOME fabric. I had a few strips left over from each jelly roll strip from Amber's Giddy quilt. About a foot of each. I knew those alone wouldn't make very much, but I also had a tOn of cream colored fabric in my stash. So, I decided to make a little chain quilt. I decided that I would make as many nine-patches as I could with the left over strips, and the leftover yardage I had. I didn't think it would end up very big, but I ended up with a lot of nine patches. And with plain squares in between... it ended up being big enough for a twin size bed!!!

I finished the chain top, and as I looked over it, I decided that it needed something... it haunted me. It needed something. So, I went and picked up another Giddy charm pack and made an applique panel with my new favorite thing in the quilting world - Dresden plates. They were a shocking amount of work, but so worth it!! They turned out SO cute!!! I am thrilled to death with the end result:

I just love these Dresden Plates!!! They aren't perfect, but I still love them!!!

I went with pink on the back. I couldn't help myself. It makes me happy!

I cut out one of the rows of nine-patches for the applique panel (I didn't want the quilt to be too long), so I put it on the back. I love how it looks!

I just love this quilt!! But I am at a loss with what to do with it. It would look cute on the princess's bed, but she already has a quilt that I made her on it. I have a hard time keeping quilts without having a purpose for it... but I don't know if I can part with this one. So, do I keep it for no apparent reason? Do I put it up for sale, and cry if someone buys it? What would you do?

See, it would look cute on a little girls bed!!! Love those Dresdens all in a row!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Sweatshirt

I thought it would be fun to make a special sweatshirt for the Princess for Valentine's Day. I think it turned out cute! Can you tell I am now obsessed with Dresden's? :) And the best part: made with Scraps! I love using up some scraps!! What do you think?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winner Winner!! (And a sneak peek!)

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and welcome to all my new followers!! This has been really fun for me! But let's get to it...

The winner via random selection is....

Michelle Walkenhorst!!!

Yea!! Congratulations Michelle! Email me your address and I'll get this sent off asap!! :)

Now, a sneak peek at something that I have fallen in love with...

Dresden plates. Seriously. I love them! Stay tuned for this quilt! The top is done, so I should be getting it all the way done soon!

Thanks again everyone!!! Have a fabulous day!