Friday, June 29, 2012


Okay, this is what I got my husband for Father's Day.

Who "gets" it? Because to me, a runner, it's pretty darn funny!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello!! Today is WIP Wednesday - on Tuesday! :)
So here's what's been going on...

6 point Star Tutorial

Up and running! Look for it HERE!

Skill Builder Sampler

I finished the Surveyor's Compass! It was hard, but I just love how it came out!!

Now I have 2 blocks to do, both agonizingly hard, but I am so excited to try! Hopefully I will get those done this week, and be officially finished with all 36 blocks! Woot!!


I finally laid out my darling game night blocks (they are SO awesome!) and have decided on a sashing color! YEA! I am going to pick it up today and get that top sewn together this week! I am so so so excited for it! :)

A new Dress (or 2) for me!

I found a pattern AND fabric for a super cute dress that I bought about 3 years or so ago. Now, it's time to get it going! I am so excited to get this dress started!!

Well, that's it for this week! Be sure to check out all the WIPs at Freshly Pieced!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Six Point Diamond Star Tutorial

Welcome to the Six Point Diamond Star Block Tutorial!! Let's get sewing...

Materials needed:

Background fabric (mine is white) - 2 - 3.5 inch by width of fabric strips
Colors: 6 scraps 3.5 inches by AT LEAST 7 inches
A 60 degree ruler (or some method of measuring a 60 degree angle!)

All seams are 1/4 inches!

Using the 60 degree ruler, trim the end of the strip at a 60 degree angle.

Slide the ruler down 4 inches and cut at another 60 degree angle like so.

Continue down the strip. Cut 12 white diamonds.

Using the same cutting method, cut 6 colored diamonds.

Lay out all 18  diamonds in this manner:

We will be sewing the block by halves first, so separate the block into bottom and top halves like so:

Now, with your center diamonds, mark at the corners 1/4 inch from the edge like this:

Mark the edges of the side diamonds where Y seams will occur, like this:

**I forgot to get them in the picture, but mark the appropriate white diamonds as well!

Now, we are going to do our straight seams first! Take out the middle diamond and set it to the side. You will be left with 8 diamonds.

 You will stitch the diamonds together as indicated below:

When you line up the edges, you must let the ends hang over on each side by 1/4 of an inch, like this:

Press the seams OPEN! Then, back out around the center diamond.

Line up the center diamond edge with one side of the top row:

Stitch from top down to the marked X. Press seam AWAY from the center diamond.

Now, line up the center diamond edge with the other side of the top row.

Stitch from top to marked X. Press AWAY from center diamond.

Now, do the same for the bottom row. Take care to move the fabric of the top row out of the way when you stitch down to the marking!

Do this on the both sides!

Okay! Now this is the tricky part! Fold your center diamond in half, so that you can line up the edges of the top and bottom row. Line up the little "dog ears" and move the bit of fabric or the center diamond at the edge so that you can sew from the marking to the edge!

Repeat on the other edge as well! When you press the seams, open the seams, and press the corner of the diamond flat onto the opened seam, like this:

This is how the back will look when it's all pressed!

Nice, eh?

Now repeat everything on the other half!

Once both halves are sewn,  there is only one more seam to do!! To get the points nice and pointy, stick a pin in the apex of the diamond, then through the other like this:

This will keep them lined up, and your pin will be right where you need to sew! Pin the length of the seam well. If the outer edges don't line up, it's okay - we'll be trimming those anyway!!

Sew the seam, and press it open to reduce bulk in the center. Here we are! Very nice!

Now to trim. For some bizarre reason, this block isn't a perfect square. It will end up being 12 X 12.5 unfinished. so... trim it like this": The points that run top to bottom you will trim to 12 inches. Then trim the excess fabric of the other side at 12.5 inches. (If you want a square, there is enough room to do it at 12 inches. I just like the ease of using my big square thing. Do what make you happy!)

And now you are done!! Wonderful block!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This... is going to be short! lol! Summer continues to be packed to the rafters, and sewing time is suffering as a result! I have done just a few little things...

Pants to Skirt

My tutorial is up! Look for it HERE! It's a fun one!

Skill Builders Sampler

I am working through the Surveyor's Compass. It's hard. Really Hard.

Next I have a feathered star which looks wildly difficult, so wish me luck! These last few are killer! :)

6 point star tutorial

Look for this one tomorrow!! Yay!


This is our block for June for Erica! It was super fun!! The Tutorial can be found HERE!

That's it! Be sure to check out all the awesome WIPs over at Freshly Pieced! Today WIP Wednesday is hosted by Sukie!! So fun!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pants to Skirt - a tutorial!

Today I am going to share my semi-hack method of turning a pair of pants into a skirt! I have done this several times, and I will say honestly - these skirts are my favorites! Always really comfy!

First off - this works BEST with wide leg pants. Skinny jeans just won't work. So don't do it! :) Also, this might be a good "When you're alone" project - because you have to try it on several times throughout, and so, sewing in your undies makes it easier! lol!

The pants I used for these pictures are a pair of nice designer jeans that my husband insisted that I try (the first pair of jeans that I didn't buy at Walmart. I've come a long way in fashion...) Anyway, I loved them, but they were ultimately just a wee bit too short for my preference. (You know - I like heels, so I need long jeans!) So - what better way to keep a nice pair of jeans then to cut them up! lol! But seriously - it is a weird experience to slice into a decent pair of pants, so brace yourself, take a deep breath, and cut the INSIDE leg seam out all the way around like so...

Cut it out completely!

Now, flip them inside out and line up the front edges. Pin all the way down. Starting at a point just under the zipper (if there was one) pinch the thick seam closed, then stitch all the way down in a straight line. ***my pants were boot cut. After the Knee, I just followed the edge of the fabric.***

Trim off the extra fabric.

The front will now look like this:

 There may be a bit of a pucker at the base of the zipper. It is okay. I have found that it wears well, and looks fine. Don't stress about it too much!

Now, try them on. Here, you want to - with your hand - get a feel for how far down you can sew down the back. You CANNOT sew it all the way down if you want to be able to walk. I have found that about 5 inches from the booty seam is as far as I like to go. Get an idea - then take them off, turn them inside out and pin at the point you will sew to. This will be from the base of the booty straight down. Pinch the thick seam and sew straight down, as shown.

Trim off the little triangle piece!

The back will now look like this:

Time to try it on again! :) This time to determine the desired length. Remember to add 1 inch for hem allowance, then pin at your desired length!

Cut it off!

Now, I have found that if you are going about knee length or shorter - the part you just cut off is perfect to fill in the back! Or - you can get spunky and use a contrasting fabric. I decided to use ruffle fabric!!

Lay your filler fabric in the opening in the back.

With a fabric marker (mine is the disappearing ink kind), trace on the filler fabric where you need to cut it **adding 1/2 inch for seam allowance!!**

Flip it all inside out, then with right sides together, pin both sides of the triangle.

Sew it! - 1/2 seam allowance here. You may also want to zigzag or surge the edges to prevent fraying.

Here we are so far! Now trim off any pieces that are hanging down below the end of the skirt.

Now, it's time to hem it up! Press 1/2 inch, then another 1/2 inch to create a beautiful hem! Pin, then stitch all the way around! **I did not hem the ruffle fabric part, as it is a knit and won't fray. If you use the leftover denim or other fabric, DO hem it all the way around!

And now, you are done!!! Congratulations!!

Enjoy your new skirt! Thanks for sewing with me!

**also, please let me know if any part of this tutorial is unclear! I would be happy to edit as needed!! Happy stitching!**