Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

We'll call this one "I survived the infamous step #11 on one of the Weekender Bags edition!"

hahaha! Anyway -

Finished - Turkey Table Topper!

Weekender bags - as you can see above I got the Princess's bag through that  horrifying step #11. It was slow and believe it or not I was sweating at the end. Literally. It kind of felt like a wrestling match. But it went well (I think. I still haven't inspected it yet.) The other two bags are through step #10 and anxiously awaiting #11.

I am so glad that I did all three bags together. If I waited to make mine (as I had originally planned), I probably wouldn't have ever done it. Not that is pattern is all that bad, but it does leave a bit of a bitter memory... And then I wouldn't have cut into this gorgeous material!

Pretty, right? I just wish the scale was a little smaller. Anyway, here is where the three bags are sitting right now.


Turkey costumes

Almost done. I was trying to keep them simple, but as usual I ended up having to figure out some random problem. This time? I used felt for the feathers and they kept flopping over in a very uncute way. Interfacing didn't work. Even Peltex didn't work. So, I wondered around a hardware/craft store until some inspiration hit - foam board!!

Worked like a charm. Of course, that took out a lot of sewing in favor of hot glue! lol!!

Lego Bag

All the pieces are cut out! I forgot to take a picture, though, but I think it's going to be really cute!

E's King size

I got this beautiful stack of fabric in the mail!


SBS Skill builders - Block 16

I just love it. Seriously!

No real progress:
My dress
Mug rugs
Princess' dress

So, that's it! Be sure to check out all of the lovely WIPs this week over at Freshly Pieced!

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M-R said...

Oh, that Turkey costume is adorable, Lindsay! And great job so far on the Weekender bags - you can do it! I love that fabric you chose for yours. Yummy!

Lee said...

I LOVE the turkey costume! Soooo cute. And great job on the Weekender bags! I always like a good wrestling match with my sewing projects. Good way to multi-task (WIP progress + workout!) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Allegory said...

I am slightly terrified of that bag. I want to make one so bad but I'm worried about the construction. I love seeing yours come together.

Becky said...

That turkey on the table topper is so cute!
And congrats on getting through step 11. That's no small feat. And I love the fabric you chose, large scale prints are perfect for the weekender. i can't wait to see it! You were probably right to do all 3 at once. My sister asked me for one and I really don't want to re-visit that bag! haha!
love that turkey costume. Be careful he doesn't get eaten up he's so adorable.

The Thompsons said...

Those turkey costumes are seriously, hilariously, adorable. Love it!

Kathy said...

Cute cute cute on the turkey costume! Gobble gobble gobble!

Your SBS block is awesome. Love the colors!

Katie B. said...

I love the turkey costume! How cute!

Angie said...

That's a lot of WIPs! I love the turkey. You do such a great job. Sometimes I feel like I'm wrestling with scenes in my novel too. =)

Cassie said...

I love both the turkey table topper and the costume! So cute! And maybe if I see all your weekenders come together, I'll be inspired to actually make one. I really want one, they are just so intimidating!

tiffany said...


Melinda said...

I can't wait to see the finished bags! That is one I have talked myself out of repeatedly because of the sob stories I hear people saying on their blogs about it. BUT, they're always happy with it in the end. Love the turkeys!